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icon batch #84.

40 icons. -- buffy the vampire slayer & misfits.

+credit, edit. :)

I have nothing to say about this post overall except that icons were made. For those who made a request, those will come in the next post -- hopefully before the year is out!

Considering that this round is all about nostalgia, I thought what fandom better to use than BTVS? It's the one that got me online in the first place, and it's one of those shows (for me) where just looking at a cap or icon of a certain scene might have me quoting it instantly and I get... very nostalgic about that. I had originally planned on making 20 icons of some of my favorite scenes, but December has been December, so there's just 20 icons to represent all 7 seasons, pretty much in episode order, too.


character20n20 | CLAIM : CURTIS DONOVAN. He was always a favorite of mine when watching the show. And with the fourth series being what it was, I felt there was no other choice I could make for this round.

ten themes.
action alone bright center crop chess pieces
family mysterious night pain sky
five earth-toned.
artist's choice.

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